WhatsApp new features launching in 2023


WhatsApp is the messaging app of the Meta company, providing services to billions of users around the world. In that respect, WhatsApp ensures a high user experience by updating the app continuously. In this article, we are looking at the WhatsApp updates for 2023. All WhatsApp users need to know about all updates to get those advantages. Therefore, read the full article to get the most information about WhatsApp new features launching in 2023.

WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

Transfer chat

Assume that now you are using WhatsApp on your phone. if you need to move WhatsApp chat and call history to a new phone. Now you can do that easily through the new “Transfer Chat” update. First, you have to install WhatsApp on your new phone. After going to Settings > Chats, click the Transfer Chat option. All you have to do is scan the QR code. All chats and call histories transfer to your new phone. It is an alternative to backing up the WhatsApp chat on Google Drive.

Edit message – WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

Typing mistakes are common in chat conversations. Before the WhatsApp update, we had to delete the entire message for both sides using the “delete for everyone” option. but now we can edit the sent message instead of deleting it.

Follow these steps to edit the message.

  • 1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android phone and open a conversation.
  • 2. Long-tap on a message you want to edit.
  • 3. Tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner.
  • 4. Select Edit
WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

Blocking screenshot for view once media

Previously, WhatsApp allowed you to take screenshots of your media. although WhatsApp has launched a new update. In this update, we cannot take screenshots of media. This feature takes security to the next level.

Pin messages – WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

This feature is really useful for WhatsApp users. We have some important groups and chats in WhatsApp, but as more messages arrive on a daily basis, those important groups will be pushed to the bottom of the app. but through a new update on WhatsApp, we can pin the top three messages. You can pin messages by long-pressing on a particular WhatsApp chat, then clicking the pin icon.

Screenlock for whatsapp web

When we use WhatsApp Web, there is no security to open WhatsApp, like a fingerprint or password. Anyone can open the WhatsApp software. This is a risk for WhatsApp web users. but now a days WhatsApp updates the screenlock option. When screen lock is turned on, you’ll need to enter your password to unlock WhatsApp Web. Your message contents will be secure when the screen is locked.

Edit send photos

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to edit the sent photos, while various new features are being released in the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is one of the most popular apps. Various types of features are often introduced here. It now has the facility to edit the captions of the photos, videos, and GIFs we have sent.

We are told that we can edit these within 15 minutes of sending them. While this feature has been available to users since May, WhatsApp has yet to release any official information about it. However, it is expected that this feature will be available to everyone soon.

Similarly, the facility to send HD-quality photos has also been introduced on WhatsApp recently. This facility is available for both Android and iOS users. It is noteworthy that the WhatsApp app already has the facility to send HD videos.

New layout – WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

WhatsApp, in order to enhance the user experience, introduced a new layout for the WhatsApp home page. Its layout is at the bottom of the app. You can see an image of the new layout here.

Silence unknown calls

Now WhatsApp has introduced the “Silence Unknown Calls” feature. With this update, users are protected against scam calls from unknown numbers that are not saved in their contact lists. while users will be able to get the notification or missed call. This feature is available on both Android and iOS.

How do I enable this feature?

  • 1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • 2. Go to ‘Settings’, and select ‘Privacy as an option.
  • 3. In the ‘Privacy’ option, choose the ‘Calls’ tab.
  • 4. Here, you can enable the toggle for ‘Silence Unknown Calls.
  • Android users can access the ‘Settings menu by clicking on the there-dot option, while iPhone users can select the gear icon to reach the ‘Settings’ menu.
WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

Video chat

Now WhatsApp allows instant video messages. Until 60 seconds, you can instantly record and share video messages directly in the chat instead of manually recording the video. This video message appears within a round circle.

How to Send Instant Video Messages

  • 1. Open the chat you’d like to send a video message to.
  • 2. Tap next to the text field to switch the icon from voice to video recording. Note: You can tap to return to voice recording.
  • 3. Press and hold to start recording.
  • 4. When finished, remove your finger from The message will automatically be sent.

Using lock mode Utilising the lock mode feature enables you to create hands-free video messages. On video messages you’ve sent: For video messages that you’ve transmitted, you have the ability to check whether your recipients have viewed them. To do this, simply press and hold your video message, then select “Info. Recipients who have played your video message will be listed under the “Played by” section.

Voice status

Previously, WhatsApp allowed users to put images, links, and videos on their status, but now they can also put voice messages on their status. This feature allows you to record your voice for up to thirty seconds.

WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

React messages

After the invention of messaging apps,@) emojis are the best tool for expressing human feelings rather than single text messages. All messaging apps provide this feature for their users, and in that respect, WhatsApp allows the react message option instead of replying to the message.

  • 1. Open WhatsApp (the same applies to Facebook Messenger and Instagram).
  • 2. Long-press the message to which you wish to react.
  • 3. A pop-up appears with six available emojis. If you want more emojis, you can add them by clicking the plus icon.
  • 4. Select one of the six emojis in the pop-up to use as the reaction.

Your message reaction appears below the message you previously selected.

WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

Save contact on WhatsApp

If you get a new number on WhatsApp, you have to save that number using the contact app. Now WhatsApp has introduced a new interface to save contacts in WhatsApp. This feature ensures an improvement in the user experience.

WhatsApp new features launching in 2023


Payments on WhatsApp are accessible in select countries and on specific devices. You have the ability to move funds between friends and family and also make payments to registered businesses using WhatsApp in the listed nations. If WhatsApp brings this feature to all devices and countries, that will be very useful for the users. Furthermore, in the countries of India and Brazil, you can make payments to registered businesses through WhatsApp.

Avatar feature

Now WhatApp has introduced an avatar feature for users in the direction of enhancing the user experience. Users can send their expressions as avatar stickers. Many default stickers are available in WhatsApp. Furthermore, users can create new stickers with their creativity. Even users can make avatars by using their own images.

HD images – WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

WhatsApp has an HD delivery option for photos. Rolling out gradually, the new update will allow users to send high-quality photos directly through the WhatsApp app. The new feature is available in different versions for Android and iOS. Also, this feature can be used by WhatsApp web and desktop users. For this, a small “HD” icon is provided in the application.

Meta said that it will soon provide quality delivery to follow videos on the WhatsApp app in HD. While this HD photo feature was previously in testing, it is now rolling out to everyone in an update. With this feature, you can share photos in high quality. But it is also worth noting that doing so will take up more data and memory on the device.

HD videos – WhatsApp new features launching in 2023

WhatsApp recently introduced a feature for sending photos in HD quality. WhatsApp has also said that similar support for sending videos will be available soon. Now this HD video feature is available to WhatsApp users. With this, when you share videos with your friends or relatives, they are uncompressed and in HD (1280×720 pixel resolution). 

Multi-Account on WhatsAp

Now WhatsApp launches the multiple accounts feature on one device. Through the drop-down menu, you can switch to another account. This will help to maintain professional and other accounts separately based on your needs. This feature is only available in WhatsApp beta. But we hope WhatsApp will launch soon for all users.  

how to enable

Go to settings and click the drop-down arrow, then click add accounts. You can then use the same drop-down arrow to switch between different WhatsApp accounts to view all your messages. 



I expect that if WhatsApp launches the bots feature and the schedule messages option on WhatsApp, that will be useful for us. Please write down in your comments what kind of updates you expect from WhatsApp.

I hope this article (WhatsApp new features launching in 2023) will be useful in some way for you.

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